The South Yorkshire Couriers network was set up by Sheffield food couriers in August 2019 with help from the IWGB trade union and socialists in Sheffield.

We are by couriers, for couriers and we elect our representatives and make decisions at meetings that are open to all couriers who support us.

Our first campaign is focused on Deliveroo couriers and our demands are as follows:

1) The Council to ensure that Deliveroo drivers are no longer served with penalty notices for loading and unloading while doing their job

2) That Deliveroo restore the per-job minimum pay to its previous rate of £4.25

3) That Deliveroo show couriers both destinations on a double order

4) That Deliveroo pay couriers for time spent waiting for food to be prepared

5) That Deliveroo pay couriers for the work they do even if the customer cancels

6) That Deliveroo do more to ensure restaurant workers and customers treat couriers with respect and support their couriers against abuse.

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