South Yorks couriers get organised!

Join our network; fight for your rights

A group of couriers working for Deliveroo, JustEat, and other food delivery companies have formed the South Yorkshire Couriers Network to campaign for proper pay and dignity at work for couriers.

Over 30 riders are now part of an organising group based in Sheffield and quickly expanding among car, bicycle and motorcycle couriers in the rest of South Yorkshire.

They are organising with the assistance of the IWGB trade union, which has run successful campaigns for couriers around the UK for better pay, union recognition and basic rights at work.

Drivers have held several meetings to discuss their grievances: a recent change in Deliveroo pricing that spells a big pay cut for many couriers; parking charges from over-zealous Council enforcers or for-profit private companies; disrespectful treatment on the job; and not being paid for time spent waiting for food to be prepared, or for orders cancelled by customers at the last moment.

They have agreed six demands:

1)      Assistance from the council to stop unfair parking charges on drivers who are loading or unloading

2)      Restoration of the previous £4.25 minimum rate for an order

3)      Both destinations to be revealed on a double order

4)      Pay for time spent waiting for food to be prepared

5)      Pay for jobs cancelled by the customer

6)      Deliveroo to do more to require customers and partner restaurants to treat riders respectfully

The couriers say that they are ready to take strike action, and are planning a demonstration in the next month to show the public and the company that couriers are standing together.

Greg Howard of the IWGB Couriers branch, said:

“The IWGB have worked closely with the South Yorkshire Couriers’ Network from its inception to continue our nationwide campaign to gain fair access to work for all and a fair wage which encompasses and covers expenses, so that couriers’ can live comfortably without worry. Nationally couriers’ are facing challenges to their day to day work from the food delivery Goliath’s like Deliveroo and Just Eat. Couriers’ Networks across the country are organising to fight the precarious and exploitative nature of these archaic employment practices.”

Ibrahim, a courier working in Sheffield, said:

“We want to ensure that there is an open dialogue with Deliveroo. We would like good work relations to ensure we provide the best service possible.”

For press queries and interviews contact Greg Howard, IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch +44 7564 609223

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